Gem Connectors an arcade/puzzle game under development that runs on top of the Allegro game library. Currently, it's being written and tested only on Win32, but it's being kept as portable as possible in hopes that it can be moved to the Mac and Linux later on. You can download and try it out here or see what it looks like here. The source code is available, too - just email me.

After many months of lagging, I've picked this back up again. Scorekeeping and animated explosions now work as expected, the sound handler has been recoded, and keyboard support is back in, so we're actually better off than before the hard drive crash killed the game the first time. Still missing are the different backgrounds, 2-player support, front-end menus, the opening cinematic, the closing cinematic, character art, and the player select screen. 'Tis a big chunk to finish off by new years, but I remain confident I can pull it off.

To play, simply click the link above, download and uncompress the .zip archive (be sure to maintain the directory structure). You'll need at least DirectX 7. In keyboard mode, the up and down arrows move the cursor, the z, x, and c keys all affect the puzzle. In joystick mode, buttons 1, 3, and 4 do what z, x and c do, and the primary axis up or down has the same effect as the arrow keys. I'd write better documentation, but I'm just about to pop down to the local ice rink for a game of hockey.

And that's it, really.

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